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What are melting beads called?

What are those beads that you melt togther called?

Plastic fusible beads are special tiny plastic beads that can be placed on a pegboard and melted together using an iron. There are several types of fusible beads that you can buy – the top brands are Hama, Perler or Nabbi.

Hama Beads

Hama Beads come in several different sizes. The larger beads are better for younger children (from 3 years and above) whilst the smaller ones can be used in crafts by children and adults aged over 10 years.

MINI – Small beads – 2.5 mm Ø – from 10 years – can be ironed or sewn.

MIDI – Medium beads – 5.0 mm Ø – from 5 years – can be ironed or sewn.

MAXI – Large beads – 10.0 mm Ø – from 3 years – can be ironed.

MAXI STICK – Pegs for the tinies – from 3 years – easy for little hands to use.

Placing beads in a decorative pattern is not only an enjoyable craft, but great for improving children’s co-ordination skills and teaching them about counting and colours. However, the ironing stage should always be performed by an adult.

Perler Beads

Perler Beads are approx. 5mm in diameter when unmelted. Like Hama Beads, they come in a variety of colours. They also come in striped, pearl and glow-in-the-dark colours, too!

Perler Beads are available as trays of beads organised by colour, huge bulk jars with an assortment of many different colours, and single colour 6000 piece bags, which are perfect for working on block areas of colour. Black fuse beads are often vital for fuse bead projects, as they form the basis of the outline or backgrounds of many designs.

Perler Beads offer a range of larger beads called Biggie Beads, which are more suitable for younger children (ages 4 and above).


Nabbi Beads offer assorted fuse beads, similar to Hama and Perler, but they also have a special range called PhotoPearls. PhotoPearls use a program to turn your chosen photo into a template for you to follow and create a bead art version of the photo.

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